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  1. How many millions of lines of code does it take to make the modern program, web service, car, or airplane possible? The range is extraordinary: the average iPhone app has less than 50,000 lines of code, while Google's entire code base is two billion lines for all services. And interestingly, the code behind machines such as fighter jets, popular video game engines, and even the Large Hadron Collider fall somewhere in between these two extremes
  2. g Language. A million lines of code is not ten times more than 100,000. It's well-known that schedules grow faster than the code. Barry Boehm estimates the exponent is around 1.35 for embedded software. So the schedule for developing a million lines of code is 22 times bigger than for 100,000 LOC
  3. Million Lines of Code. » Check out our beautiful books. » Learn to be a dataviz ninja: Workshops are Beautiful. » Be the first to know: join our VIP Newsletter. Sources: NASA, Quora, Wired & other press reports. note: some guess work, rumours & estimates. Credits
  4. 100 million lines of code in your car, 100 million lines of code, If one of the lines develops a bug An article by IEEE indicates that a premium-class automobile contains close to 100 million lines of software code. The software executes on 70-100 microprocessor-based electronic control units (ECUs) networked throughout the body of your car. Even low-end cars have 30-50 ECUs embedded in the body, doors, dash, roof, trunk, seats, etc. Software controls just about everything from your.
  5. Lines of Code ist ein Begriff aus der Softwaretechnik. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Softwaremetrik, d. h. eine Maßzahl, um die Größe einer Codebasis eines Computerprogramms oder seines Wachstums zu beschreiben. Die Lines of Code sind im einfachsten Fall die Anzahl der Zeilen des Quelltextes, aus denen das Programm besteht. Diese Metrik erlaubt keine direkten Aussagen über die Effizienz der Programmierer, denn die Anzahl der Zeilen hängt von unterschiedlichsten Faktoren ab.

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All over the country people are taking the HOUR OF CODE challenge issued by CODE.org. Millions of lines of code are being written. In the capital of Florida, Tallahassee, the community is taking the challenge and our goal is to write 1,000,000 lines of code How many lines of code? Students of the Code.org tutorials (Code Studio) have written 25,512,581,168 lines of code. Is this a lot? By comparison, the Microsoft Windows operating system has roughly 50 million lines of code According to cloc run against 3.13, Linux is about 12 million lines of code. 7 million LOC in drivers/. 2 million LOC in arch/. only 139 thousand LOC in kernel/. lsmod | wc on my Debian laptop shows 158 modules loaded at runtime, so dynamically loading modules is a well-used way of supporting hardware Today's car has the computing power of 20 personal computers, features about 100 million lines of programming code, and processes up to 25 gigabytes of data an hour

Prototype website builded using Bootstrap. Contribute to lpeta/One-million-lines-of-code development by creating an account on GitHub That's some serious activity. While the Linux open source operating spans 15 million lines of code across 40,000 software files, Google engineers modify 15 million lines of code across 250,000.. A modern high-end car features around 100 million lines of code, and this number is planned to grow to 200-300 millions in the near future (see an old but famous IEEE Spectrum article at..

MLOC - Million Lines of Code. Looking for abbreviations of MLOC? It is Million Lines of Code. Million Lines of Code listed as MLOC Looking for abbreviations of MLOC? It is Million Lines of Code The typical new-model vehicle comes with 100 million lines of code, says Newcomb. And a battle has emerged between proprietary and open source software. When it comes to making technological. The Linux kernel is a prominent example of a large open source software repository containing approximately 15 million lines of code in 40,000 files. 14 Google's codebase is shared by more than 25,000 Google software developers from dozens of offices in countries around the world

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  1. Facebook doesn't have the most stellar privacy and security track record, especially given that many of its notable gaffes were avoidable. But with billions of users and a gargantuan platform to..
  2. The avionics system in the F-22 Raptor, the current U.S. Air Force frontline jet fighter, consists of about 1.7 million lines of software code. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, scheduled to become operational in 2010, will require about 5.7 million lines of code to operate its onboard systems
  3. Migrating 35 million lines of code from Python 2 to Python 3 is quite the undertaking—and JPMorgan is going to miss the deadline, according to eFinancialCareers, stating that JPMorgan's roadmap..
  4. Over a million lines of code, and actual code. This isn't a synthetic benchmark with a single unit and a million lines of WriteLn ('Hello world');. We have lots of generics, a little more than 3000 units, multiple includes, cycles of units that use themselves recursively, and complex dependencies
  5. The Linux kernel has around 27.8 million lines of code in its Git repository, up from 26.1 million a year ago, while systemd now has nearly 1.3 million lines of code, according to GitHub stats analysed by Michael Larabel at Phoronix.. There were nearly 75,000 code commits to the kernel during 2019 which is actually slightly down on 2018 (80,000 commits), and the lowest number since 2013
  6. Version 4.1 of Linux, released in June 2015, contains over 19.5 million lines of code contributed by almost 14,000 programmers. A total of 1,991 developers, of whom 334 are first collaborators, added more than 553,000 lines of code to version 5.8, breaking the record previously held by version 4.9

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Code shamers aren't helping! A Million Lines of Bad Code. There's a popular piece of writing advice that has many variations, but usually goes something like: Everyone has a million bad words in them. Only once they've written those million words can they start writing well. So get writing Millions of lines of code; Terabytes of data; With 152 million actively connected cars on global roads by 2020 — It seems all technology companies are now targeting automobile market for bigger revenues. Automotive industry needs to be prepared for 4 terabytes of data being generated by every car every day - says Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel Corporatio 307 Results for Million Lines Of Code. View 301 - 307 results for million lines of code comic strips. Discover the best Million Lines Of Code comics from Dilbert.com. Sort by: Relevance. Relevance; Newest to Oldest; Oldest to Newest; Tuesday May 19, 2020 No Lunch With You. Thank you for voting. Hmm. Something went wrong. We will take a look as soon as we can..

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Twenty-four popular open-source projects have been chosen semi-randomly, all written in C, totaling at ~12 million lines of code. The goal is to uncover and visualize patterns in these programs using their Code Property Graph representation. For that, a data processing pipeline is set up with the simplest possible tools and a number of processing steps. After cloning the git repositories for the projects, the first step is to find the SHAs which represent the state of those projects at each. Datadog collects and monitors your PHP app metrics and distributed traces in real-time with application performance monitoring. Decrease downtime and performance issues with Datadog APM by tracing requests across service boundaries and drilling into individual traces end-to-end with flame graphs Dropbox has deployed more than four million lines of Python code and is one of a growing number of companies that annotate code written in the dynamic programming language to make it easier to.. Though code isn't solely responsible for the Volt's operation, it does play a significant role in ensuring everything works in harmony. But 10 million lines? That's a heck of a lot

you know you need 10 million lines of code to access the ISA That's probably not accurate and the guy knew it was hyperbole, but it was in the same sentence so deal with it. Yeah, there's way too many abstractions in modern design. You look at cloud computing and dockers and cross platform JIT compilation and 3D accelerated applications in. • Around 200 billion lines of COBOL code are in live operation. • 75% of the world's business data, and 90% of financial transactions, are processed in COBOL. • There are 1.5 - 2 million developers, globally, working with COBOL code. • Around 5 billion lines of new COBOL code are added to live systems every year The 25 million lines of code is only the source code of Oracle Database written in C. The test cases are written in a domain specific language named OraTst which is developed and maintained only within Oracle. OraTst is not available outside Oracle. The OraTst DSL looks like a mixture of special syntax to restart database, compare results of queries, change data configuration, etc. and embedded SQL queries to populate database and retrieve results Today's cars have up to 150 electronic control units; by 2030, many observers expect them to have roughly 300 million lines of software code. By way of comparison, today's cars have about 100 million lines of code. To put that into perspective, a passenger aircraft has an estimated 15 million lines of code, a modern fighter jet about 25 million, and a mass-market PC operating system close to 40 million. This overabundance of complex software code results from both the legacy of designing.

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According to one specialist, the Web site contains about 500 million lines of software code. By comparison, a large bank's computer system is typically about one-fifth that size. As for rest of the data, this is noted at the bottom of the graphic: Some guess work, rumors and estimate If we took Facebook to it's core, how many lines of code do you think would be required in order to create it. Let us remove Zynga and third-party add-ons and look at the code of Facebook, the website itself. I can't imagine that it would require more than 50,000 lines of code, because it does not seem like a very complex application. Clearly, lines of code should not ever measure the quality or detail of an application, but I think that $230B company should be more than 50,000 lines of code. A military drone has 3.5 million lines of code inside. That's roughly three times as many as we find in bacteria, meaning that mankind has, at least by one metric, constructed semi-autonomous.. A cool infographic that shows how many lines of code various codebases have. I'm still amazed by the fact that healthcare.org contains 500 million lines of code. That just seems like a copy and paste development process that's totally out of control or it's being reported wrong

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There are files with 0 lines of code! And the biggest one is 9506 lines long! 10% are 11 lines long or less, half are 37 lines or less, etc. And 10% are longer than 149 lines The project was a web auctioning site with pretty high traffic numbers (over two million page views per day). The code base size was about 200k lines, of which 150k was PHP, 35k JavaScript and the remainder CSS, XML, Ruby, and something else. I'm counting only non-empty and non-comment lines of code, using cloc.pl The Linux kernel has around 27.8 million lines of code in its Git repository, up from 26.1 million a year ago, while systemd now has nearly 1.3 million lines of code, according to GitHub stats analysed by Michael Larabel at Phoronix From Jeff Atwood's blog, Coding Horror: Project Size Lines of code (per year) COCOMO average 10,000 LOC 2,000 - 25,000 3,200 100,000 LOC 1,000 - 20,000 2,600 1,000,000 LOC 700 - 10,000 2,000 10,000,000 LOC 300 - 5,000 1,60 Spring4D has almost 750k (approximately ~738k) lines of code in the library and unit tests. This means on an AMD Ryzen 9 5950x CPU the Delphi 10.4.1 compiler compiles generics heavy Object Pascal code at around 61,500 lines per second or 1 million lines of generics heavy Object Pascal code in 16 seconds

How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup. Now, Stripe's Patrick and John Collison are teaming with Amazon to grab even more control over the global flow of. The control software to run a U.S. military drone uses 3.5 million lines of code. A Boeing 787 has 6.5 million lines behind its avionics and online support systems. Google Chrome (browser) runs on 6.7 million lines of code (upper estimate). A Chevy Volt uses 10 million lines. The Android operating. How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code When an experiment with existing open source technology does a good enough job. The Victoria Police are the primary law enforcement agency of Victoria, Australia. With over 16,000 vehicles stolen in Victoria this past year — at a cost of about $170 million — the police department is experimenting with a variety of technology. The trial structure is a harsh test for any tool, and there is little time. The checked system is large (millions of lines of code, with 2030MLOC a possibility). The code and its build system are both difficult to understand. However, the tool must routinely go from never seeing the system previously to getting good bugs in a few hours Speaking to the website and other media outlets at a recent technical presentation, Ford Performance chief engineer Jamal Hameedi said the GT has 10 million lines of mission critical code. That's..

Delphi 10.1 Berlin has a number of performance improvements when it comes to compiling code. Here are some tips to improving your compile time with Delphi Measuring 75 Million Lines of Code A Report from the Field by Harry M. Sneed, ANECON, Vienna • Background of the Measurement Project • Goals of the Projec estimated 15 million lines of code, a modern fighter jet about 25 million, and a mass-market PC operating system close to 40 million. 3 This abundance of complex software code is a result of both the legacy of designing electronic systems in specific ways for the past 35 years and the growing requirements and increasing complexity of systems in connected and autonomous cars. This amount of. 29, 30], none has been shown to scale to programs with millions of lines of code, and most have difficulty scaling to 100,000 lin es of code. If flow- and context-sensitivity aren't feasible for large pro-grams, we're left to consider flow- and context-insensitiveanaly-ses. The most precise member of this class is inclusion-based (i.e., Andersen-style) pointer analysis [2], which is.

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Following nearly eighteen months of engineering work, FlowPlay CTO Doug Pearson details the transition of 1.4 million lines of code from a Flash-based codebase to Haxe including choosing a. By contrast, Windows 3.1 had closer to 3 million lines of code, Google Chrome has about 5 million lines, Firefox is near 10 million and Android is about 12 million lines of code. Windows 7 weighs in at under 40 million lines of code, a little less than Windows XP and more than 10 million less than Windows Vista. Facebook is just north of 60 million lines of code, which lies beyond the code.

Presentation: We have nearly one million lines of Python 2 code in production — and now? Still running Python 2 code in production is like steering a ship without radar in thick fog: You don't know, which obstacle you will hit next. But there are ways to see the sun again - even for large code bases. This presentation contains a discussion of the possible ways and a success story. I have. 5 Code Review Tricks the Experts Use - Based on 3.2 Million Lines of Code. In this article, we'll explore the five best ways to get your team switched to a code reviewing process, and how to best. 5.3 million lines of code (MLOC). Effort was operationalised based on the number of active committers per month. The extracted data did not fit well an early version of the closed-source cost. 31,542,265. Code Lines : 22,854,687. Percent Code Lines : 72.5%. Number of Languages : 46. Total Comment Lines : 4,862,983 According to some reports, the web site is only 60% completed, even after 500 million lines of code and $500 million. The cost of the web site could run into the billions. Users will be encouraged to go online at off-peak hours, to keep the web site from being overloaded. The administration is licensing other web sites to share the load. GoHealth.com and TheHealthSherpa.com have been.

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  1. According to a report by McKinsey and company, Today's cars have up to 150 ECUs and about 100 million lines of code; by 2030, many observers expect them to have roughly 300 million lines of.
  2. Every day, millions of people use mobile apps, but are all apps secure? How should developers protect their apps and why is it so important?Mobile apps are t..
  3. FYI if anyone is interested: I just did a count of lines of code for the Knime source code I downloaded, comprising Knime base, core, product, sdk-setup and workbench. The number I got for Java only was 1,059,383. Including XML it's 1,240,655. No wonder it takes a while and it can be hard to find stuff. This thing is big
  4. An illustration depicts how many lines of code have been written to create the software and services. Google leads the list with staggering 2,000,000,000 lines of code. Google leads the list with.
  5. utes [15], [16]. Using a collection of 16 open source C programs, we compare the SFS algorithm to a baseline, semi-sparse analysis, which represents the prior state-of-the-art [17]. We show that our staged algorithm is an order of mag- nitude more scalable than the baseline; for example, SFS is able to analyze a.
  6. read. by Tom Helvick. The dev digest is back again this week with all the best articles, stories, and videos on software development. Stay on top of the news, latest trends in development, and leadership insights when you subscribe to the dev digest! Top Stories. Facebook has over 100.

Our code checker was already hard at work; by last April, it was already checking 10 million lines of code per week, so it looks like even more work will be coming for it! 2019 was a productive year for our students, and 2020 will only get better But sparing ISS crewmen the effort of directly overseeing the ATV in orbit meant a lot more effort had to be expended during the spacecraft's development on the ground. By Clervoy's estimate, around a million lines of code went into the ATV's flight control system, which oversee almost a hundred different operating modes

I am going use union.cms (a content management system used by German trade unions) to show the story of a successful migration of a project with nearly one million lines of Python code. The story will include the obstacles we encountered and what we learned on the way Undebt: How We Refactored 3 Million Lines of Code. Peter Seibel wrote that to maximize engineering effectiveness, Let a thousand flowers bloom. Then rip 999 of them out by the roots.. Flowers, in how the metaphor applies to us, are code patterns — the myriad different functions, classes, styles, and idioms that developers use when writing code

11 million lines of code per hou Microsoft Windows operating system has roughly 50 million lines of code. Of course, every engineer knows that lines of code is a silly measure, and besides, the lines of code we are counting here are much less complex than the code written by professional software engineers If the site really contains 500 million lines of code, they say, that's a strong hint that the programmers involved are doing something wrong. (Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, by. Sep 2, 2017 · 4 min read. The Medium article How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code has been doing the rounds the last few days, describing how an automated license. Linux kernel exceeds 15 million lines of code The upcoming 3.3 release of the Linux kernel will be the first to contain more than 15 million lines of kernel source code - the milestone includes the comments, blank lines, documentation, scripts and userland tools included with the kernel

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The FAA said the Lockheed Martin-developed ERAM systems uses nearly two million lines of computer code to process critical data for controllers, including aircraft identity, altitude, speed. Proprietary code analyzed had an average defect density of .98 for projects between 500,000 - 1,000,000 lines of code. For projects with more than one million lines of code, defect density. cloc counts blank lines, comment lines, and physical lines of source code in many programming languages. Given two versions of a code base, cloc can compute differences in blank, comment, and source lines. It is written entirely in Perl with no dependencies outside the standard distribution of Perl v5.6 and higher (code from some external modules i The Linux Lord writes that if you count the size in pure number of lines changed, this really seems to be the biggest rc we've ever had, with over a million lines added (and about a quarter million removed). Most of those new lines of code come from the new amd gpu register description header, code that Torvalds says comprises 41 per cent of the entire patch and has created a somewhat odd situation where a single driver is about half of the whole rc1 in.

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  1. ent example of a large open source software repository containing approximately 15 million lines of code in 40,000 files.14 Google's codebase is shared by more b Figure 1. Includes only reviewed and committed code
  2. has had 811,209 commits made by 8,104 contributors. representing 25,683,367 lines of code. is mostly written in C++. with an average number of source code comments. has a well established, mature codebase. maintained by nobody. with decreasing Y-O-Y commits
  3. ary and exploratory study of the relationship between size, on the one hand, and effort, duration and team size, on the other, for 11 Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects with current size ranging between between 0.6 and 5.3 million lines of code (MLOC). Effort was operationalised based on the number of active committers per month. The extracted data.
  4. As projects surpass one million lines of code, there's a direct correlation between size and quality for proprietary projects, and an inverse correlation for open source projects. The article gives numbers: above 1M LOC, defect density increases for open source projects, and decreases for proprietary projects

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ShiftLeft code analysis tools Inspect and Ocular can regularly analyze 1 million lines of code under 10-15 minutes vs legacy vendors that take hours if not days to perform the same analysis. Quoting from the blog written by Fabian Yamaguchi (inventor of code property graph) and Chief Scientist at ShiftLeft Systemd Now Has More Than 1.2 Million Lines of Code - Slashdot. This week Phoronix marked a very special anniversary:Five years ago today was the story on Phoronix how the systemd source tree was approaching 550k lines so curiosity got the best of me to see how large is the systemd Git repository today. Well, now it's over 1.2 million lines Lines of code. Since we started, we have: added 58,416,839 lines of code; deleted 34,704,815 lines; This means we currently have 23,712,024 lines of code on GitHub. Nearly 24 million seems like a lot, but this is everything we've built, plus a few things we've adapted. To the next 3 year

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  1. Well, these nine lines of code were removed from Android 4.0. Here are those famous 9 lines of code: private static void rangeCheck (int arrayLen, int fromIndex, int toIndex { if (fromIndex.
  2. At our scale—millions of lines of Python—the dynamic typing in Python made code needlessly hard to understand and started to seriously impact productivity. To mitigate this, we have been gradually migrating our code to static type checking using mypy, likely the most popular standalone type checker for Python. (Mypy is an open source project, and the core team is employed by Dropbox.
  3. Microsoft is seeking transfer of TikTok's 15 million lines of code: Faber Report. CNBC's David Faber and Jim Cramer discuss the latest on the talks between Microsoft and ByteDance to acquire.
  4. Ten million lines of code at 100 characters per line is a gig (unless I got decimal places wrong); that's a lot of source. Sure, but you'll find very few 100-character lines in Linux. The average line is maybe ten or fifteen characters

Facebook's secret to shipping millions of lines of code each day It's no secret at all. After hacking PHP to make it run faster, Facebook does the same with Mercurial source contro As Kubernetes Nears 2 Million Lines of Code, Commit Velocity and API Point to Project Maturity, Innovation Moves to Increasing Satellite Projects. SEATTLE, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE. After analyzing over one million lines of code, we found more than a dozen new security weaknesses in important, widely-deployed applications. This demonstrates for the first time that model checking is practical and useful for detecting security weaknesses at large scale in real, Implementation bugs in security-critical software are pervasive. Several authors have previously suggested model.

To date, NYC schools have coded over 1 million lines of code with Tynker. Currently, I see K-5th graders once a week in our computer lab. It is here where students are learning code. After 4 years of using code.org as our primary source, we moved to Tynker this school year, specifically for the 1st-5th grade classes. Utilizing the lessons 1A through Intro to Python for our 5th graders. The total size of the kernel grew from 13 million lines of code and 33,000 files in 2010 to 15 million lines of code and 37,000 files in 2011. The number of developers who are actively. NY Times on Obamacare: 'Five Million Lines of Code May Need to Be Rewritten' John Sexton 21 Oct 2013. Another damning report from the NY Times makes it clear that the health exchange which opened October 1st is weeks (possibly months) away from being fully repaired: Administration officials approached the contractors last week to see if they could perform the necessary repairs and reboot the.

I'll evaluate which of these approaches seems suitable for a large code base and which principles should be paid attention to to increase the probability of a successful migration project. I'll use union.cms (a content management system used by German trade unions) to show the story of a successful migration project involving nearly one million lines of Python code Experiments show that Pinpoint can check programs such as MySQL (around 2 million lines of code) within 1.5 hours. The overall false positive rate is also very low (14.3% - 23.6%). Pinpoint has discovered over forty real bugs in mature and extensively checked open source systems We have 16,464,376 lines of code over the our 743,070 Groovy files. That's an average of 22 lines per file, which is pretty low! It would be more interesting to draw some histogram to see the distribution of those lines of code. We can use quantiles to have a better idea of the distribution with this query with 10 quantiles The Thirty-Million-Line Problem (2015) 2018-05-21 — Hardware. By : Casey Muratori. Is your computer more stable today than it was in 1990? As a piece of computing hardware, a 1990s desktop computer is essentially worthless today. By every metric anyone cares about, they are vastly exceeded by not just today's desktop computers, but also by tablets and phones. But unlike hardware, software.

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Compiling 1 million+ lines of code with Rad Studio 10.4.2 Heute, 11:30. One of the things that intrigued me about the new Rad Studio 10.4.2 release was the improved compiler performance. Because Delphi is a fast compiler --we all know that-- but hey, it can always be faster. And 10 seconds in every compile end up counting for a lot of time over the days. So I tried it compiling FlexCel and its. The GT has 10 million lines of code, which is about eight million more than what Lockheed used in the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, and at least three million more than Boeing needed for its 787. Lines of code (sloc) are VERY misleading. A good developer may think more and write less and a sloppy one can just machine-gun code at 200 wpm and chances are the more the code - the worse it works and harder to maintain. In one occasion I had to rework a sloppy piece of code and shrunk their 10000+ lines of code to about 1500. Unless you combine somehow functionality delivered and divide that.

To process its core workloads, such as retirement and disability claims, the Agency relies on decades-old applications programmed with Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL). SSA maintains more than 60 million lines of COBOL today, along with millions more lines of other legacy programming languages Photoshop's CS 6 software contains more than 4.5 million lines of code, while HealthCare.gov contains more than 500 million. According to the New York Times, One specialist said that as many as five million lines of software code may need to be rewritten before the Web site runs properly. Developers have their work cut out for them

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How ONAP Will Merge Millions of Lines of Code from ECOMP and Open-O. Linda Hardesty April 6, 2017 10:04 am MT Share this article: Email Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit Hacker News. SANTA CLARA. Bug to code ratios The idea of bugs per lines of code isn't really a new idea. Steve McConnell, the primary source for the previously mentioned post, has written extensively on defects per lines of code. Covering average bugs per LOC stats in his great book Code Complete (a) Industry Average: about 15 - 50 errors per 1000 lines of delivered. There are nine million lines of code in the F-35 joint strike fighter jet, plus 15 million lines in support systems, according to Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst at IT-Harvest. Cleaning.

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MrMetlHed writes A portion of this R article about the Pentagon's inability to manage paying soldiers properly mentions that their payroll program has 'seven million lines of Cobol code that hasn't been updated.' It goes on to mention that the documentation has been lost, and no one really knows how to update it well. In trying to replace the program, the Pentagon spent a billion. A Computational Analysis of the Dynamics of R Style Based on 94 Million Lines of Code from All CRAN Packages in the Past 20 Years useR! 2019 conference, Toulouse, 09. bis 12. Juli 201 The effort included the transition of 1.4 million lines of code from a Flash-based codebase to Haxe, in the largest ever project to leverage the open-source, cross-platform development technology. After years of speculation, Adobe officially announced in July that it will no longer support Flash technology by the end of 2020. Once considered the foremost development solution for the casual. Schwarz doesn't get the broadcast rights to the clip, or even a physical copy of it: He owns a few lines of code that prove he's the owner of a unique digital asset. My family thought I was crazy, he tells The Hustle. But I've never been the kind of person who invests in traditional things

According to a software specialist cited in the Times article, the 500 million lines of computer code written for the Obamacare software is about five times longer than the average major bank's. 60 Million kids worldwide 82 Million creations made by kids Over 7 Billion lines of code Why should kids learn to Code? Because technology is integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives, learning about computer programming is more important than ever. Our coding platform makes it fun and easy for children to learn a valuable skill that will last them a lifetime. You can count on our.

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